Karnataka’s “AJJI”  donates land to build schools



There are several people who often become extra ordinary by their deeds. The compassion and love they have in their mind for others makes them do wonders from time to time. This story is about Huchchamma Chowdri . Huchuchamma Chowdri hails from Karnataka and she her fondness for children was seen by all. She has given away everything , so that kids of the village could attend school and complete their education .Huchuchamma Chowdri donated a land worth One Crore Ruppees to build school and playground for children in Kunikeri Village of Haveri District Karnataka. The old women had no children and she worked hard and cooked mid day meals for a school. She owned two acres of Land and she donated it to The Government who was looking for land for making schools for children. Huchuchamma Chowdri was lovingly called “AJJI” by the people in the village.

It is correctly said that a man does not become rich by money, but becomes rich by the work.

Subhechcha Ganguly

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