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Keasric Williams Confident Of Defenestrate Virat Kohli

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The West Indies fast bowler Kesrick Williams, who known for his trademark ‘notebook celebration’, has had a couple of exciting encounters with India captain Virat Kohli.

In 2017, Williams dismissed Virat Kohli, and while Kohli was walking out of the ground, Williams followed his trademark ‘notebook celebration’. However, Kohli did not forget that, and he takes his revenge during a T20I against West Indies at home by pulling off a notebook celebration of his own.

In the 13th edition of this year, IPL Williams has unsold, and the renewal of this rivalry would have to wait till India face West Indies again. However, Williams is confident of bowling that one delivery that can get Kohli out again.

As Williams being asked by FirstPost in an interview, is that tough to bowl to Kohli? Williams replay that No, it is not. “Kohli is a great player but I am not worried about Kohli. I don’t go to bed at night and am like ‘ohhh it’s Kohli’! No.”

When Williams asked whether he will be ready for yet another run-in with the Indian captain, he said; definitely, looking forward to it. Williams knows that whenever Kohli sees him, he will be pumped, and he will beat him.

He also added that at the end of the day, cricket is cricket. It takes one ball to get Kohli out, and he will get that one ball again.

Williams guaranteed that when he gets out Kohli, he will come up with a new celebration and pointed out he is always up for fair competition, and it doesn’t get better than Kohli, who has an aggressive demeanor.

Williams said that he loves playing against Virat Kohli because he is an aggressive guy, and he loves playing against aggressive guys because it brings out the best in him.

Kohli is a talented player; whenever Williams plays against India, it’s going to bring out the best in Kohli and Williams’s best.

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