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Keeping IPL-14 auctions in mind, BCCI may have Mushtaq Ali T20 before Ranji Trophy

Keeping IPL-14 auctions in mind, BCCI may have Mushtaq Ali T20 before Ranji Trophy

The BCCI is all likely to organize the National T20 Championship for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in early January, keeping the IPL-14 auctions in mind.

BCCI has sent feelers to a few state cricket associations, where there are five-star hotels and multiple grounds to create a bio-bubble environment for a minimum of three teams.

“Yes, the IPL-14 auctions this year will be important for at least two to three teams which are weak on Indian talent. For their talent scouts, IPL will be an absolute necessity. So it is only logical that Mushtaq Ali happens before Ranji Trophy,” a state unit official told PTI.

According to a state official, BCCI is looking for those state units where there are at least 3 grounds within manageable distance and five-star facilities.

“There are at least ten state units that will be approached and asked if they can create a bio-secure environment. The BCCI feels that if six out of ten units give a positive response, then Mushtaq Ali trophy can be completed in a two-week window and Ranji Trophy can start,” said the official.

Like the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) has the potential to host the National T20 Championships with three grounds available Eden Gardens, JU (Salt Lake), and Kalyani.

However, CAB’s six-club inaugural T20 league will be an indicator for the state unit to check out if they are proficient in creating a bio-bubble environment.

“The CAB had zeroed in on two hotels, Novotel and Hyatt, for keeping the six teams in a bio-secure environment. However, Hyatt said that it would be difficult for them to provide exclusive hotel staff for bio-bubble. So CAB has booked 80 rooms for six teams and two complete floors to create a bio-bubble,” a senior CAB official told PTI.

If the bio-bubble works successfully in a club tournament, CAB can host one group of Mushtaq Ali matches in Kolkata and Kalyani.

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