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Kendrapara firecracker accident leaves more than 40 people hurt

by Subhechcha Ganguly

In a fireworks accident on Wednesday in the Kendrapara district near Balia bazar, more than 40 individuals suffered burn wounds. Thirty of the injured, according to reports, had critical wounds.

According to accounts, the accident took place at a firework competition held at the immersion venue at Balia bazaar.
According to sources, the firecracker stock caught fire and burst, harming everyone who was nearby.

All injured people were taken urgently to Kendrapara hospital. A physician at the Kendrapara DHH described the wounds as follows: “This accident has resulted in several injuries. They are receiving care from us at the hospital. Seriously hurt individuals, however, are currently being transported in ambulances to the SCB Hospital in Cuttack.”IIC at Town Police Station reported, “We transported everyone who was hurt to the DHH for initial care. Almost everyone has heard about Cuttack.”

Ganeswar Behera, a senior member of the Congress, who was present, said: “I want God to heal everyone who is hurt as quickly as possible. And I demand that Naveen Patnaik, the chief minister, declare compensation and cover all medical costs for the injured from the state coffers.”

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