Kerala becomes Nation’s first digital banking state

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan announced on Saturday that the state had become the first in the nation to completely digitise its banking system. He added that this distinction would help the state’s economy. At a local event, Vijayan claimed that this accomplishment was made possible by social interventions made by institutions of local self-government, as well as by the growth of infrastructure and technology advancements in the banking industry. In addition to congratulating all those involved, Vijayan proclaimed Kerala the nation’s first totally digital banking state.

“We need to make sure that the digital divide is entirely removed in order to make the digital services broadly accessible,” he stated. The ambitious Kerala Fibre Optic Network (K-FON) project, which the state government was almost 90% finished with, will lessen the current digital divide, according to the chief minister. The ambitious Kerala Fibre Optic Network (K-FON) project of the state government, which is almost 90% finished, will lessen the digital divide, according to the chief minister.

According to Vijayan, “We won a silver medal for the Ksheerashree portal, a platinum award for the Digital Workforce Management System, and a gold medal for the Kottayam District Administration.” He also issued a warning to the populace to be on the lookout for the growing number of cybercrimes that could affect the banking industry as it develops.
To combat such cybercrimes, the government established an Economic Offenses Wing under the state police, he continued.

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