Khanan Prahari App Empowering Public Involvement to Combat Illicit Coal Mining Activities


The Ministry of Coal has taken a key measure in addressing illicit coal mining activities by introducing the smartphone application Khanan Prahari. This app enables users to report instances of such activity by providing geo-tagged images and textual information.
The development of the Coal Mine Surveillance & Management System (CMSMS) online site was undertaken in collaboration with the Bhaskaracharya Institute of Space Application & Geoinformatics, Gandhinagar, and CMPDI, Ranchi. The act of engaging in unauthorised coal mining activities presents significant risks to both the natural environment and the individuals directly participating in such operations. Additionally, it contributes to the overall deterioration of the traditional subsistence basis and the economic stability of the nation. The government intends to employ space technology as an e-Governance programme to effectively combat unlawful mining while ensuring transparency in its actions. The administration acknowledges the significance of public engagement in addressing this issue. The Khanan Prahari mobile application functions as a robust instrument for individuals to actively participate in combating illicit coal mining activities.

The primary aim of the Khanan Prahari mobile application and CMSMS online site is to foster public engagement by facilitating the reporting of illicit coal mining activities.

The Khanan Prahari mobile app encompasses several notable characteristics, which are as follows: The reporting of instances pertaining to unlawful mining can be facilitated by users through the utilisation of photography and the provision of accompanying remarks. The application facilitates the process of geotagging images by allowing the functionality of the GPS location feature. The Khanan Prahari smartphone application has garnered a substantial reaction thus far, with a cumulative count of 483 reported complaints. A total of 78 complaints have been duly confirmed as accurate, and suitable measures have been subsequently implemented in response. The Khanan Prahari mobile application may be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple Store for iOS devices.

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