Landing in Ollywood is a grace of God-Ollywood Actress Divya Mohanty


Divya Mohanty

Divya Mohanty, the impressive actress who hails from odisha has already  won millions of hearts for her realistic portrayal of characters. Her performances in movies like Sundargarh Ra Salman Khan (2018), Tu kahide I love you (2019), and Mr Majnu (2019) has been lauded and appreciated.

Her latest web-series “Chumbak” and “Baala- the rhythm of life has helped her to garner many good reviews for her acting skills. Divya is also an acclaimed odishi dancer, and has won many prestigious awards. Here is the full excerpt of the   interview of the multitalented actress with Interview Times followed 

1- what are the challenges you faced during the initial days of your career ?

As I was new to the industry and keeping myself isolated, mingling with people was a bit difficult for me during that time. It was a new zone for me during that time, and coming from my comfort zone, it was a bit difficult for me to adjust. I was not enough mature during that time. I was short-tempered, but for that I prepared myself and overturned all the difficulties. But, to be frank and honest the biggest challenge we all face is how we will get work ?  Actually we all get work opportunities, but we have to choose good subjects, for me doing two projects at a time was more challenging.

2- what circumstances let you to become an Actress from a celebrated dancer ?

There was no such circumstances actually, it was my mother who pushed into it, as she was much passionate about acting, and she assumed that I could be the best fit to her passion. She encouraged me to give a go at least. It was not easy for me to mug up the dialogues, and I didn, ‘t know anything about acting during the initial days. But, finally I went for an audition after my mother insisted me a lot, and unexpectedly I got selected. Eventually, it was the destiny that made me to land up here.

 3- Is it easier to play comic or serious character ? 

I don’t find any of the characters mentioned above are difficult for me to play on screen, moreover I do have a sense of humor and I had already played many serious characters. As I said people have already seen my seriousness in many movies and series, I would rather stick to the point that, playing serious roles was more easy than playing comic role.

 4- How was your rapport with your co-stars during your first movie shoot ?

“Sundargarh Ra Salman Khan ” was my first movie in odia film industry. My co-star was Superstar Babushan Mohanty, doing your first film with him was a grateful thing for me, and with the tarang cine production it was a great experience for me. Superstar Babushan helped me a lot, overally my rapport with everyone was much good.

5- As we are facing a pandemic, how was your lockdown schedule ? 

When the pandemic actually started, we always had the hope in our mind that it will vanish soon, but till now we are reeling under, it. I do miss my work, I would like to say we artists usually don’t get much family time but the pandemic has gifted me  a long vacation, I am happy that I am spending much family time. The pandemic has turned me from an impatience person to a patience one.  During the beginning of lockdown, I used to train myself, I used to do fitness exercises, I used to watch Netflix and I too used to read a lot of books. I had also tried culinary arts, prepared a lot of delicacies.

6- How Covid-19 pandemic has affected your day-to-day life ?

As I had mentioned it earlier, I am missing my work, missing the fresh air, at least to get relaxation we used to visit nearby malls or try any sort of fitness exercises. We have two maids, but as of now we are doing all our household work in the absence of them. I am an OCD person, and I need Everything neat and clean, and now this pandemic has helped to clean up my own things myself. A person cannot be confined inside his house for a long time and everyone is facing that challenge. This pandemic has affected me in various aspects.

7- Would you please share some  sweet memories from your shooting set ? 

During the shoot of “Tu kahide I love you ” around 30 children came to me with cakes and chocolates, just to boost me up and to encourage me for my next projects, that was really a saccharine memory for me. The second best memory is during the shoot of my web series “chumbak.” There we used to feel like a picnic, we all used to enjoy a lot during the shoots. I never thought we were shooting, rather it was more a feel of picnic. I cherished a lot during the whole shooting.

8- what are your future goals, and aspirations ?

I used to say this everywhere, but here I would add another point. It is to get established myself, be successful, make my parents proud and living a life without a mask.

Written By: Abhinash Sahu

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