Lawmakers trigger big warning – UK Parliament building to collapse


The seat of British democracy, according to a report by the UK’s House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, is “leaking, dropping masonry and at constant risk of fire.”The 147-year-old Westminster Palace, which houses the UK’s parliament, was declared to be “real and rising risk” by British parliamentarians on Wednesday.The seat of British democracy is “leaking, dropping masonry and at constant risk of fire” and is “pocked with asbestos in up to 2,500 locations,” according to a report by the UK’s House of Commons Public Accounts Committee.The committee criticised “years of procrastination” over the legislative complex’s future and claimed that the renovation work had been incredibly slow and had largely consisted of “patching up” the structure at a cost of roughly $2 million.

It urged that representatives from the political and parliamentary classes provide “a clear indication of the cost and timeline for getting this massive job done before it becomes too late to do so.” The Committee claims that the thousands of staff members and visitors who utilise the building have not been given as much attention as MPs up to this point.After years of hesitation, the MPs finally decided in 2018 to leave by the middle of the 2020s to allow for several years of significant renovations. Major structural issues with the complex include roof leaks, century-old steam pipe bursts, and occasionally falling masonry pieces. The last time the mechanical and electrical systems were updated was in the 1940s.The Palace of Westminster’s extensive and intricate repair is being planned, according to officials.


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