Liz Truss a good choice over Rishi Sunak


A combination ticket of Penny Mordaunt and Rishi Sunak, according to The Times, is being considered by dissidents in the UK’s ruling Conservative party as a possible replacement for Liz Truss, the country’s prime minister.

Truss has only been at Number 10 for five weeks, yet her MPs are already planning how to get rid of her. Due to this, bookmakers have started to offer “Liz Truss Specials” wagers on their websites, with Coral offering 13/5 odds on the PM’s replacement this year.

It occurs at a time when a YouGov survey for “The Times” indicated that nearly half of Tory party members believe the party picked the wrong leader. When Truss and Sunak were the only candidates left on the ballot, the poll found that 62% of Conservative voters who participated in the last election thought that party leaders had made a poor choice, while only 16% thought they had selected correctly.

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss replaced Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng on Friday in an effort to save her government amid criticism of her economic policies.

The centrist former foreign secretary and Tory leadership hopeful Jeremy Hunt took Kwarteng’s place when he hurried back early from the IMF meeting in Washington. This year, Hunt is the fourth chancellor to lead Britain.

Her government’s tax-cutting “mini budget,” which was announced on September 23, is what initially caused the present commotion. In doing so, she scrapped a crucial element of the government’s economic agenda by announcing that the company tax reduction would be abandoned.

Politics betting odds should be regarded with a grain of salt. In terms of markets, they represent the opinions of average investors rather than those of experts who devote their entire careers to studying these topics. However, they give some indications that doubts about Truss’s capacity to lead the UK may be growing, and they raise the possibility that the Tories may intervene to defend their party from a further loss of public confidence.

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