“Lockdown over doesn’t mean the risk is over”, says Modi’s speech


On 20th of October, Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi gave an address to the nation and its citizens for the seventh time mentioning some key areas which the people of the country should have some knowledge to stay informed of the coming socio-political situation which has arisen and is going to follow in the future. The Prime Minister in a bid to
connect with the citizens highlighted some key points like ‘taking adequate precautions’ to avoid the risk of getting infected with coronavirus, ‘no casualties to be taken’ as the festival season is arriving and ‘India’s victory in conducting increasing tests and lessening the number of coronavirus cases’ compared to the other big nations like the United States of America, United Kingdom etc. which has proved to be a major accomplishment for India.

Nevertheless, in this long speech he mentioned the cause for the success of India controlling the coronavirus numbers is due to the relentless contribution of the country’s ‘Doctors Nurses and Health Workers’ giving their tireless services. The Prime Minister applauded them and compared their work to ‘not leaving any stone unturned’ towards the welfare of the

When India is seemingly going in the right path, he reiterated the importance of ‘maintaining restrictions and follow all the rules pertaining to Covid-19 rules’ to avoid coming into contact with the deadly virus during this emerging festival season with the possible chances of more a number of people getting out and accumulating together for the celebrations. Let’s divulge deep and look extensively into the factors of what he said so that we, the ordinary citizens can understand his message.

Will this information be solely effective? We’ll also find that. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the beginning of the speech offered his warm greetings to the fellow citizens regarding the upcoming festival season, where we will in a long time will find people celebrating the joyous occasion. Although the lockdown may be over but the virus is still out there. He further said, The people should not think that when the world has started running they will go without any masks or precautions and mix up with everyone. The progress which India has achieved then will soon be gone. “It is still a threat”, he said implying that a little bit of ignorance can cause heavy losses.

He also emphasized on the developments of India saying, “Our recovery rate is the highest, where out of every million there is 83 deaths, whereas in western countries 600 deaths per million are reported”. His statements reveal how India has realigned it’d commitment to people and that in no way anyone should disrupt the process.

Elderly, children and everyone will fall into trouble if precautions are not taken.

At the end of the speech, he promised that the vaccine will be available for every Indian.

The whole speech emphasized on the notion that even “if conditions improve, negligence will put the nation backward”.

Written By: Souravi Das

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