Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2022: Remembering Rajput Ruler on His Birth Anniversary


The 13th king of Mewar, Maharana Pratap was among the very few rules who stood up against the Mughal Empire. Maharana Pratap was born in a year when his father ascended the throne of Mewar’s royal family. According to the English calendar, Maharana Pratap was born on May 9, 1540. Hence, his birth anniversary is celebrated twice by his follower- once on June 9 and the second time, according to the Hindu calendar.

In 2022, Maharana Pratap’s birth anniversary will be celebrated on June 2 as per Vikram Samvat muhurat. As we remember the great ruler on his birth anniversary, here are some interesting facts about him:


– The oldest reference to Maharana Pratap’s birth date comes up in Abul Fazal’s book Akbar Nama which mentions his birth date as per Hijri Calendar. The first reference in Vikram Samvat can be traced to poet Charan’s 1710 book Rawal Rana Baat.


Maharana Pratap took over the throne of Mewar’s royal family at the age of 32 after his father Uday Singh II died.


Maharana Pratap fought several battles against the Mughals, but the most difficult of them all was the Battle of Haldighati against Akbar’s forces. The battle started on June 18, 1576. Akbar sent many proposals to Maharana Pratap to accept Mughal suzerainty but he refused to bow down. While Akbar eventually managed to win the battle, he could not kill or capture Maharana Pratap or his family.


Maharana Pratap reclaimed many of his territories from Mugharls but could not regain control of the heart of the Mewar empire, Chittor. Maharana Pratap’s son Amar Singh I eventually accepting accepted Mughal supremacy and was allowed to enter Chittor.


Maharana Pratap shared a special bond with his loyal horse, Chetak. During the battle of Haldighati, Maharana Pratap, riding on Chetak, was attacked by Mughal army leader Man Singh I of Amber, who was on an elephant. During the encounter, the tusks of the elephant went through Chetak’s rear leg. However, despite the fatal injury, Chetak took the injured Maharana Pratap away from the enemies and saved his life.

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