Maharashtra govt ‘concedes’ Marathas’ demands, agitation called off


Manoj Jarange Patil, a Maratha reservation campaigner who began a hunger strike on Friday, declared the protest to be concluded, saying the Maharashtra government had “accepted our request.” Eknath Shinde, the chief minister, was there when Jarange broke his fast.

“Chief minister Eknath Shinde has done a good job,” Jarange said at a press conference on Friday night, expressing gratitude for the CM’s activities.Regarding the request for 54 lakh people who have been identified as Kunabi to receive Kunbi certificates, Jarange stated that these certificates will be given out shortly. 54 lakh entries were found for our struggle, he said. The certificate will soon be presented to them.”

Earlier on Friday, Patil had issued a warning to the state government on the Maratha quota, emphasizing that if their demands were not granted, protestors will march towards Mumbai on Saturday morning. Additionally, he pleaded with the Maharashtra government to drop all police charges pertaining to the demand for Maratha reservation.

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