Maintaining your Mental Health



Mental Health is one of the main issues that the youngsters struggle with nowadays. Mental Health  is not only one of the most talked about issues amongst the youth but also amongst the grownup.  One of the most common things about mental health is that almost every human faces mental health issues in some time or the other. However what is most important is how someone manages it. Some might cope up with their problems while talking with their familes and friends while some people actually need professional help. Now let us talk about about what the symptoms that one can identify within themselves and work accordingly. Let us talk about symptoms  that one can identify while they are going through a mental health issue.


Crying is one of the major symptoms that  a lot of people face while they go through a mental blockage . Apart from that lack of sleep, feeling very less energy and blank are few of the symptoms one can face. However these symptoms does differ from person to person . The way one reacts to anxiety or depression is exactly the opposite as others face it. So this is completely personal how an individual reacts to certain kinds of stress. Anxiety, Depression are few of the most common things that happen to people. One of the main reasons is the pile up of several emotions over the time.


However whats more important to understand is that Mental Health is an actual criterion and it does not go away with time. Instead it takes proper cure an investment of time. One can actually visit a psychologist or a mental health professional if they feel stuck . It is one of the most important aspects of life and is as important as any other aspect.

Story by Subhechcha Ganguly

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