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They are  addressing a group of consumers, influencers, colleagues, or investors.   Captivating and assured. Who really is your target audience? Paying attention, being open, and responding (yeah!!). You can tell they’re thinking new thoughts and picturing new possibilities. They’re leaning in, amazed, and eager to know  more.

1) Creatief Media is a next-generation agency; when did you imagine such an initiative, and why so?

Ans. Creatief Media Belonging to the field of Engineering, it was an absolute thing to have an interest in other fields rather than engineering.

After the education I worked with many start-up companies and have always played a key role in them. While working, gradually I realised my dream, my dream of owning and working on something of my own and the dream of working on ideas and building brands from those ideas. Digital media is an evolving field where you get direct insights for sales and management, you also get to connect with the audience in a better and more secure way. The bond of buyer and seller also strengthens and you get a hand on the psychological structure of the market .While working with an agency in Delhi, I realised that it’s time to do something of my own and contribute towards the market. And, since then I have never looked back.

  1. What makes you ensure that you are destined to be in the world of entrepreneurship?

Ans. Coming from a background in mechanical, I was always drawn towards electronics and the IT field. And, since the start of my career, I have always worked with start-ups, and while working with them I realised that it gives me the power to do something different and innovative. The power and zeal you get for working on something on your own and contributing towards society is also something that enhances and strengthens your vision to keep going and work for something bigger and better always.

  1. Your Brand has distinctive outcomes. However, whatever are your specialized services at their best?

Ans. An advertising agency seeks to achieve better outcomes for its clients, by exploring markets and developing innovative brand strategies. We live and breathe this work, constantly looking for new trends to capitalize on. Public relations, Social Media, and Digital Marketing is our forte. We strive towards perfection and make sure everything is done and maintained for the long run.

  1. What is your take on digital marketing on a daily basis to update & engage with your buyers?

Ans. Digital Marketing is not a job that’s done 9-5 or you give some few hours and it’s done. It’s a 24*7 job. You need constant research, experiment, and logistics.

Social media and the digital world have grown up so much that we have access to a world where everything is possible. The gap between the seller and buyer has reduced now. We can see the gap generation, and even the change, the seller, buyer bond has come down to a minimum. We work on campaigns and trends which people feel relatable. And, once the audience feels it relatable, your work is done. You always have to strive hard to achieve the target. And, your target never ends, once you have achieved it, you have another target already set to work on.

  1. How do you see taking your brand down the line as the most preferred brand in the media fraternity of Odisha?

Ans. Brands always welcome new ideas, if not new ideas, and reinvent those ideas which helps them to stick in the long run in the market. The market is all about the people. How do people see your brand? where do they place it? and, how much do they refer to it? These are some common questions that come to mind whenever you think of working for a brand. The problem with nowadays and the old agencies is that they often forget about these established questions after a while. While this is the base of it. We ourselves work as a brand. So, working for brands, by a brand and as a brand seems quite the path for us irrespective of the current place, state, or country.


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