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Making The World A Better Place: With Ankush Purohit

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It takes just one person to change the world if he/she truly desires it. Today, we came across Ankush Purohit, a professional photographer whose videos went viral where the netizens saw him helping a poor older man in his bones. We tracked him and tried to plunge deep into reality; he wasn’t ready to talk about himself or his acts of kindness, but finally, when we could become part of his journey.  

Making The World A Better Place: With Ankush Purohit 1

His videos went viral with over 600,000 views, captured helping an older man by buying him a brand new bicycle. He told Interview Times,” I go cycling every morning. One day on my routine, I saw an older man with torn clothes and a tattered bicycle whose tires were flat worn out literally on the metal rims, carrying wooden sticks on it. Looking at his pitiable condition, I took his video and posted It on social media. Unexpectedly the video went viral, and many people turned up to help the older man and happily contributed for him to buy new clothes, a new bicycle, sandals, soaps, and other daily needs. We also bought the medicines for his skin rashes.”

At the bicycle showroom

He also added, “I didn’t create a viral video, I created an emotional video depicting the pathetic condition of the poor. We rode stylish bicycles, with stylish clothes, helmets, and riding gear for fitness, but this poor man was doing it to have bread and butter. It touched the chords of people’s hearts, and it boomed on social media.” 

With his soulful video, Ankush unknowingly shows us the mirror as to how our superficial problems are petty in front of the real-life strugglers who are wrestling every day for a loaf of bread. 

Making The World A Better Place: With Ankush Purohit 2

When we asked about his inspiration, he didn’t reveal much but told us about a doctor’s couple who advised and motivated him to help anyone in need and aided him financially to spread the word of love.  

Ankush is a professional photographer, who aspires to become an established name in the industry and gets financially stable to help anyone in need. We sincerely believe, as a common man, we all need to get out of our cocoon shell, our comfort zone, and help our country by eradicating hate and spreading positivity and hope all around.

Making The World A Better Place: With Ankush Purohit 3

We have seen how Baba Ka Dhaba got famous just by one social media post. We should note, irrespective of how social media has been portrayed negatively, a slight ray of positivity inspires us to live another day to witness another miracle. A common man like Ankush Purohit is an inspiration for every one of us.


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