Meet environmentalist Subhransu, whose initiative is helping birds quench their thirst


In a constant effort to quench the thrist of birds during summer season, UN award winning environmentalist Subhransu Satpathy started an initiative to provide water for birds in earthen pots during summer season back in 2008. This praiseworthy step by Subhransu is helping many birds to quench their thirst during the scorching and sweltering heat of the summer season.

Spearheading this initiative Subhransu has been garnered with many accolades and awards. He is also known as the ‘Birdman.’

As he has made this initiative a mission, Subhransu is regularly conducting workshops in schools, colleges, societies, clubs where he is creating awareness and motivating the participants to keep water pots filled with water in suitable place where birds can drink from it during summer season.

He is presenting and distributing earthen pots to workshop participants, Students, parents, intellectuals, neighbors and in many households. Subhransu has distributed more than 45,000 earthen pots till now.

To emphasise on the message and for the awareness he have made a documentary named ” They really need us “in 2011 which which went on wining several awards including Best Director award in Basudha National Festival (2012), screening award at Dadasaheb Phalke film festival (2016), screening award at Wildlife VASA film festival (2016) and many more.

Subhransu Satpathy said, ” During childhood in our quarter my mother used to keep a water bowl for the birds to drink, from there I was inspired. As of now more than 45,000 earthen pots have been distributed.”

“Every life is precious, please keep water pots in any suitable place at your home, where thirsty birds can drink water and let’s make it a practice and save the thirsty birds during summer, in every summer They Really Need Us,” he added.

Photo credit – Mr. Subhransu Satpathy

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