Meet the Guardian of Trademarks and Patents:Mr. Aurobinda Panda

Mr.Panda seamlessly blends legal acumen with creative tactics.


In the world of intellectual property, Aurobinda Panda stands as a steadfast guardian, preserving and enhancing the inventive spirits of individuals and organizations. As the founder and managing partner of a distinguished trademark and patent firm,  Mr.Panda seamlessly blends legal acumen with creative tactics. His leadership fosters a culture where the synergy of customer aspirations and legal expertise produces solutions that transcend the conventional. In this exclusive interview with Interview Times, Mr.Panda sheds light on his journey, the company’s operations, and the evolving landscape of intellectual property.


Can you give us some insight into the company and how it operates?

Our company primarily focuses on trademarks, patents, and copyrights, serving clients both within India and globally. With offices in diverse locations like Bhubaneswar, the US, The UK, Australia, and Estonia, we cater to clients beyond India’s borders. Our goal is to provide cost-effective intellectual property protection across multiple jurisdictions, supporting businesses that have a global footprint.


How do you keep informed of the most recent developments in trademark and patent law and regulation?

Staying informed is essential in our field. We monitor potential legal changes, publish articles, and maintain an IP blog on our website.  We also engage with reputable IP publications to remain updated on global legislative shifts. For countries where we don’t have a presence, we collaborate with associated lawfirms to stay updated.


Are there any current trends or changes in the landscape of intellectual property that clients need to be aware of?

Emerging trends include AR, AI, and NFTs, areas where legal frameworks are still evolving. The digitization of content raises challenges regarding copyright ownership. We rely on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to combat online infringement, handling over 2000 cases annually.


How do you foster innovation while safeguarding intellectual property within the organization?

Creating a culture of innovation, implementing strong IP protection strategies, setting clear IP policies, and providing regular training is crucial. Innovation and IP protection can coexist, benefiting both the organization and its creators.


What experience do you have in managing a team focused on IP?

As the Managing Partner of Lex Protector LLP, I have led diverse teams of legal experts, researchers, and business professionals. Effective collaboration, communication, and a coordinated approach have been pivotal in achieving optimal outcomes for our clients.


What sets your company apart from other firms in the industry?

Lex Protector LLP stands out due to its global reach, specialized expertise, strategic approach, and client-centric focus. Our international presence, deep IP knowledge, forward-thinking strategies, and personalized services distinguish us within the industry.


How does your company approach the management and renewal of existing trademarks and patents?

Our approach involves proactive monitoring, regular reviews, collaboration with clients, and leveraging technology. We ensure timely renewals, strategic management, and enforcement actions to maintain the integrity of existing IP assets.


What advice would you offer to businesses looking to safeguard their intellectual property assets effectively?

Businesses should identify and protect their IP assets, implement clear policies, monitor and enforce their IP rights, consider global perspectives, and seek guidance from experienced IP attorneys. These measures collectively ensure robust protection for their intellectual property assets.


Aurobinda Panda’s journey exemplifies the fusion of legal expertise and innovative thinking. His commitment to safeguarding intellectual property rights has led Lex Protector LLP to become a trusted partner for businesses seeking to navigate the intricate world of trademarks and patents. Through fostering a culture of innovation, vigilant protection, and strategic management, Mr . Panda and his team continue to champion the innovative spirits that shape our world

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