Members Of Rural Water Supply Workers’ Association Stage Protest Outside Naveen Niwas


Members of the Rural Water Supply Workers’ Association staged protests outside Naveen Niwas, the residence of Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for seeking fulfilments.

According to the reports, the association is demanding salary as per their initial agreement with the State government, the members of the association have been sitting on a protest at the Lower PMG Square in Bhubaneswar for the last 38 days.

Yesterday, hundreds of activists of the association took out a rally with placards, shouted slogans against the State government and staged demonstrations in front of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s residence to draw the attention of the State administration and put forth their demands.

Baikunthanath Sahu, General Secretary of the Rural Water Supply Workers’ Association said – “We are providing utility services in all the villages across the State by running the water pumps and providing water to almost every house. We work every day without the exception of a holiday whole round year. We have to remain alert for nearly 16 hours a day, but we get a meagre allowance of Rs 2,000 from the Gram Panchayat per month. We demand block grant salary as per the initial agreement with the State government. We have been protesting near Lower PMG Square for the last 38 days. But the State administration seems to be in oblivion about our ordeal. We will intensify our protests in the near future if our demands are not met at the earliest.”
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