Migrant exodus Result Of Fake News


The Migrant exodus of migrant workers after the nation went into lockdown in March to battle the COVID was a result of “fake news”, the government said in parliament on Tuesday, conveying another stunner daily in the wake of saying there was no information on the death of migrant workers, consequently “no quarry on” remuneration.

The Home Ministry was reacting to a composed question by Trinamool Congress MP Mala Roy on steps taken to secure workers before the lockdown was reported on March 25, the reasons why a large number of workers ended up going home and the number of workers who passed on their way to home.

“The movement of enormous number of migrant workers was set off by fake news with respect to duration of lockdown, and individuals, particularly workers, were stressed over sufficient availability of essential necessities like food, drinking water, wellbeing administrations and sanctuary,” answered Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai.

“Nonetheless, the government was completely aware of this, and took all essential measures to guarantee that during the time of the unavoidable lockdown, no resident ought to be denied of fundamental needs like food, drinking water, clinical offices and so forth,” the Minister told Lok Sabha.

As indicated by him, the government “permitted the state governments to utilize the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) on 28th March itself” for giving impermanent convenience, food, attire, clinical consideration, and so on., to vagrants just as laborers. The Center delivered a funds of Rs.11, 092 crores from the state disaster funds to states on April 3, Mr Rai said.

On passings of migrant workers, he answered that those details were “not centrally kept up”.

On Day One of the main meeting held in the infection emergency, the legislature revealed to Parliament it doesn’t have information on workers who passed on or were harmed. He was questioned whether the families from the individuals who lost their lives were redressed.

“No such information is kept up. Question doesn’t emerge taking into account the abovementioned,” Union Labor Minister Santosh Gangwar told Lok Sabh.

Without resources and food to feed their families, workers began with foot for their home hundreds of kilometres away. Many passed away on the brutal journey. The opposition accused the government of imposing a lockdown without a plan for the poorest and those who lost their daily earnings.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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