Migratory Birds Grace Assam’s Skies Once Again


As the monsoon season settles over Assam, the state witnesses the much-awaited return of migratory birds, marking the beginning of a vibrant wildlife spectacle. From the picturesque wetlands of Kaziranga to the tranquil Brahmaputra riverbanks, various avian species have started arriving, adding hues of diversity to the region’s natural beauty.

Reports from wildlife enthusiasts and local authorities confirm that several migratory bird species have already been sighted across different parts of Assam. These include the elegant Asian Openbill storks, colorful Northern Shovelers, and the majestic Greater Adjutant Stork, which is one of the rarest stork species globally.

The arrival of these birds not only signals the onset of the migratory season but also underscores the ecological significance of Assam’s wetlands. These wetlands serve as crucial habitats and breeding grounds for these avian visitors, offering them refuge during their long journeys across continents.

Dr. Priya Das, a noted ornithologist based in Guwahati, highlighted the importance of preserving these habitats. “Assam’s wetlands are lifelines for both resident and migratory birds. They provide essential food resources and safe nesting sites crucial for the survival of many species,” she emphasized.

Local communities in areas like Majuli and Dibru-Saikhowa are gearing up to welcome birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts eager to witness this annual spectacle. The state government, in collaboration with conservation organizations, is also intensifying efforts to ensure the protection of these habitats and promote sustainable tourism practices.

With the influx of migratory birds expected to continue in the coming weeks, Assam remains a prime destination for birdwatchers and ecotourists alike. The return of these avian visitors not only enriches the biodiversity of the region but also reaffirms Assam’s status as a haven for wildlife enthusiasts seeking a closer connection with nature.

Stay tuned for more updates on the flourishing avian life in Assam’s wetlands as the migratory season progresses.

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