More Fake Medicines Worth Rs 20 Lakh Seized In Cuttack


Contrary to the Narcotics Control Department’s directives, fake drugs continue to be discovered throughout the state, particularly in Cuttack. Over Rs 20 lakh worth of counterfeit Telma-40 and Telma-AM medications were confiscated last night following searches at three Cuttack pharmaceutical distribution companies.

The raids were carried out in the Cuttack neighbourhoods of Nayasadak and Nimchouri, and Assistant Drugs Controller Dharmadev Puhan oversaw them. The agency has seized the counterfeit medications.

It is noteworthy that 50 lakh rupees worth of counterfeit medications had been recovered from the Cuttack market alone. In the past, counterfeit medications worth Rs 30 lakh were recovered from a few drug distribution companies. The narcotics control department and the police are still working together on this.

However, even after this, it was discovered that several important medications from reputable corporations had been illegally smuggled into the Odisha market. According to Puhan, a team from the Drug Control Department would visit Gaya and Patna in Bihar as well as other locations outside of the state today to look into a case of fake pharmaceuticals.