Nalanda University is set to be inaugurated soon



Nalanda University is one of the world’s ancient university situated in Bihar. This university was in function between the 5th and the 13th century. This beautiful university was destroyed by Bhaktiyar Khalji . Nalanda University functioned as one of the leading educational institute in the pre-Islamic period. This ancient University is mentioned in Persian , Chinese , Buddhist and Jain texts from all over the world. This institution has been mentioned as “Sacred Space” in Jain and Buddhist texts.


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar attempted to give a new life to Nalanda University. This decision of reconstructing the Nalanda University was backed by East Asia Summit in the year 2007. There was a shift in the academic session of Nalanda University on September 1 ,2014.


Professor Sunanaina Singh , Vice  Chancellor of Nalanda University said ” Now we have six schools. For regular courses the intake is over 250, while overall it remains between 700-1000 due to the certificates and diploma courses that we run. We have just launched a global diploma in Hindu Studies (Sanatan) and the response has been good not only from India” but from abroad.  She also said the Prime Minister would be approached soon with a request since 90% of the work on administrative and academic side is complete.  It is a Net Zero Campus, with water bodies spread across 100 acres in the 455 acre campus. Everyone is grateful that the work of the campus that started in 2017 is almost nearing the closing line and Nalanda University would soon be able to function soon.

By Subhechcha Ganguly


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