NASA’s preservance rover to bring Mars back to Earth!


The U.S. space agency NASA is set to bring the world’s most expensive thing to Earth. NASA will bring dust and soil collected from Mars to Earth, which will cost a lot of money. A lot of research will be done after this soil is brought to Earth. NASA will bring 2 pounds (about a kilogram) of soil from Mars during three missions.

NASA will bring the soil of mars to Earth to explore ancient signs of life on Mars. NASA’s three missions will cost $ 9 billion. It will cost about two hundred times more than the value of two pounds of gold to bring two pounds of soil from Mars. If this soil are brought to Earth, it will be a great achievement for scientists. Because surface information is still being collected through rovers on Mars.

According to the first mission, the Perseverance Rover was launched in July 2020. Rover landed on Mars on February 2021. According to NASA, the sample collection will be completed by 2023. But it could take about a decade to bring it back to Earth

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