Nature gives you everything

By Abhishek Haridasan


Whatever you want, nature provides. Whatever you desire, nature has it within it. Whatever you can ever imagine, nature supports you with it! That’s it, nature and its natural resources are at our disposal… with the aim of renewing them for the upcoming generations.

Figure your connection:

Nature and we have a symbiotic relationship. In all totality, it’s a relationship that began when you were born! It’s an invisible tether that defines people and the need to be a vehicle that attracts positivity on all accounts. While we seek to find a connection with nature, we miss the finer details by realizing that nature is where we live, create, unite, and prosper. While in the due course of your life, you might lose the connection because of your priority lists, settle down once in a while, and walk barefoot on the ground to align yourself with the reality around you.

Respect fate and fortune:

We all appear on earth with a certain fate, along with karmic points that are credited within us, with the hope of creating fortune and adding to the fortune of life, family, friendships, and experiences that we receive along the way. In all of this, nature has a crucial role to play; which prevents stagnancy of the body and revs the motion that every human needs. We are fortunate and empowered to believe in ourselves and the process that is decreed to define a path that is satisfying and laid with all the correct intentions.

Alter your ego and set it free:

As individuals who can reason, think, and debate, our egos can be a booster shot for our confidence and a sticky sugary syrup that can infest our minds and leave us astray in the course of a future of pure direction. Alteration in the ego by driving sense into our lives and respecting what nature can give us if we display composure provides an infinite feeling, and relieving when the realization hits us! When we let go of inhibitions and the egos that shackle us, we appreciate nature and the entire habitat that permits us to breathe slowly and effectively develop the guardrails that make nature more accessible and liveable for every individual!

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