Naveen Pattnaik Issues Statement On Mamita Meher’s Case


The Honorable Cheif Minsiter of Odisha, Mr Naveen Pattnaik has finally opened up on the controversial case of Mamita Meher. In a two long page note, he has finally issued an official statement regarding the case. He started the note by referring Mamita’s death case as an unfortunate event. Furthermore, he said that she was the daughter of Odisha with a bright future and her death is a terrible loss to her family and Odisha as a whole.

Further in his note, he expressed his shock of how this heinous murder and crime has been politicized by various political parties. He urged members of the opposition political parties to be sensible as any insensitive remark brings terrible pain to the victim’s family.

Naveen Pattnaik Issues Statement On Mamita Meher's Case
Naveen Pattnaik Issues Statement On Mamita Meher’s Case
Naveen Pattnaik Issues Statement On Mamita Meher's Case
Naveen Pattnaik Issues Statement On Mamita Meher’s Case

Mr Pattnaik, further emphasized on the fact that as the Chief Minister of Odisha, importance of children and women has always been his priority. Similary, in this case as well, he will ensure that a fast-track court session is been implemented and the culprit is punished as soon as possible.

Mamita Meher, a teacher at Sunshine English Medium School, had gone missing on October 8. As per reports, she was allegedly called by Govind to come to the school for some official work. She was asked to come to Chandotara in the Balangir district from where she would be given a lift in the school president’s car. 

11 days after she had gone missing, on October 19, Mamita’s remains were found. Bones of her body were exhumed from a stadium construction site of Sunshine English Medium School at Mahaling in Kalahandi district, where Mamita was working as a teacher. The body was chopped in a bid to burn it easily, the official said. At the same time, police suspects involvement of Govind’s associates in disposing off the body. 

In the press conference organised on Wednesday this week, the police said Mamita was strangled to death by Govind inside his car on October 8. He then took the body to the under-construction stadium site of the school for disposal. There, he burnt the body with the help of cardboard and tyre before burying it.

Story By- Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

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