Neha Tekwani Named Among Top 10 Inspiring Personalities in the Author’s Category


Neha Tekwani, an eminent figure in the literary world, has been honoured with yet another prestigious accolade, securing her position among the Top 10 Inspiring Personalities in the Author’s Category. With over 15 digital books and 13 anthologies published, Neha’s literary contributions have garnered widespread acclaim, earning her international recognition and numerous awards. Her illustrious career includes receiving an Honorary Doctorate in Creative Writing from Grace Ladies Global Academy, USA, and accolades such as the Wordsmith Awards, Royalist Awards, and the RabindraNath Tagore Literature Award. Recognized as one of India’s top inspiring women in literature by the National Book of Records and Asia’s Top 100 Influential Women by Diva Magazine, Neha continues to inspire through her writing and motivational endeavours. Currently pursuing a doctorate in business management, she epitomises the fusion of literary excellence with academic prowess, serving as an inspiration. 

  1. With such a prolific writing career spanning across various genres, how do you maintain consistency and innovation in your storytelling?

Ans. Storytelling is a framework of imagination, knowledge and innovation. A gripping storyteller doesn’t use what has been used a million times but innovates after reviewing a variety of content and assessing the feedback of the audience to create more compelling works. Consistency naturally becomes part of the artwork when an author adopts to a natural course of visualizing a piece of fiction by adding his or her own charm. 

2.Your accolades range from Wordsmith Awards to International Tagore Ratna Literature Award. How do these recognitions influence your writing process and personal growth as an author?

Ans.  At the beginning of my career in 2013, I honestly had no idea that one day I’d be honoured with these prestigious awards but as a firm believer of patience and hardwork, I got recognized worldwide and that itself has been the biggest motivation for me. Often, it’s a pressure as well that I’ve to keep up with my repute as an author and stand tall on the expectations of my readers but with their love and admiration, and ofcourse, these huge accolades, I get inspired by my own-self to make each day a better learning experience for my authors journey. 

3.Could you share some insights into your approach to blending creativity with motivation in your literary works?

           Ans. I’m a big fan of characters which are inspiring and creative at the same time and leave an impact on the minds of my readers. While a story might only be a work of fiction, it’s the smallest realistic details and attributes which lead to the cognitive development of the book. It’s ofcourse, a huge process which I break-down in layers and phases to set the tone and create the vision best suited to the plot of the books. An idea doesn’t itself innovate, unless its combined with a series of nervous historical facts or contemporary aesthetic value, making it a smooth ocean of inspiration and creativity. 

4.As someone pursuing a doctorate in business management alongside your writing career, how do you balance academic research with creative writing?

       Ans. In the long run of my pursuits as a creative writer, research has always been part of the job. Infact, the author’s job description states clearly to be sure of what I’m talking about before jotting it down and while I’ve been doing that work for eleven years, additionally the academic research in marketing management has only proven to be beneficial in marketing my books digitally and analysing the bigger picture of traditional publishing markets. The more I understand the prospect of my career, the greater I realize the need for an author to be a good marketer as well. Considering that aspect, I chose my majoring subject, thus making it easier for me to balance both my academic dissertation as well as fictional writing. 

5.Your books have been recognized for their impact on readers, particularly in the contemporary new adult fiction genre. What messages or themes do you strive to convey through your writing?

Ans. As a long-term chronic illness survivor, I have encountered various tragedies such as societal indifference, real and cyber bullying, emotional, verbal, mental and sexual harassment for years. To deal with the trauma was never an overnight work, it required a profound strength and will-power as well especially when I had negligible support hence I turned to my inner-belief system and started practising self-love and self-complacency and now, I look forward to empower all the girls and women out there through my writing. 

My basic agenda behind writing every book is not to just convey an automated imaginative story but an experience of humanity, empathy, the value of unconditional love even in the darkest of scenarios and when all hope is lost to look above at the higher power for a divine intervention and to keep treading along the path. 

6.Where can readers find more about your upcoming projects and connect with you online? Could you share your Instagram handle or website?

Ans. I’ve a well versed and famous account on Wattpad as Doctor Author Neha Tekwani. You can also find my books on Amazon, Flipkart, Notion-Press, Barnes n Noble, Moboreader, Webnovel, Goodnovel. 

As of now, I’m busy with my dissertation hence the fiction publishing has been on hold but that won’t be for long since I intend on resuming querying my wattpad best sellers to the foreign publishers again. 

For further information please check out my instagram handle @official_neha27 and website

7.What advice would you give to aspiring writers who aim to make a significant impact in the literary world while balancing other aspects of their lives, such as education or professional careers?


Ans. I’m seriously not so good at advices but I do believe that if you’ve the compassion and maturity to write then you can craft a good book alongside managing your other professional endeavours but always remember that no matter how creative you’re, in this field you require to be knowledgeable as well in order to sell. Don’t neglect your studies or side careers in the start unless you start earning good as an author because obviously only practice can make you a good writer but it can’t pay your bills right from the start. Dream to be a published author but also be practical while transforming this adventure into a life-long income. 

I wish you guys good luck and thank you wholeheartedly for giving your precious time reading this interview. Have a great writing and reading experience ahead. 


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