NIA raids 44 sites in Karnataka and Maharashtra as part of an ISIS conspiracy case; 13 are held


To stop the terrorist organization’s efforts to incite violence and terror throughout India, the NIA has been conducting in-depth investigations.In connection with an ISIS terror conspiracy case, the National Investigation Agency detained 13 persons in Pune, Maharashtra, on Saturday, according to ANI.The investigation into a potential plot by the international terror group ISIS to carry out terror strikes throughout the nation resulted in 44 raids in Maharashtra and Karnataka, which led to the arrests.Of all the places the NIA searched, its investigators looked at one in Karnataka, two in Pune, thirty-one in Thane Rural, nine in Thane City, and one in Bhayandar.

The case concerns a criminal conspiracy organised by the accused and their supporters, who formed a terrorist gang and vowed allegiance to the violent extremist ideology of banned terrorist organisations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS.ISIS’s primary goal is to create a Caliphate by carrying out terrorist attacks in several nations, including India.

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