Indomitable spirit in women enterprise


Female entrepreneurs are powering India’s economic wheel into a global map. They do not just bring innovation and also extensive growth in their respective fields. 18 years into entrepreneurship yet another success story of a woman who founded Watercraft in the year 2003. It was found in a modest 8 x 10 room but has expanded like anything. Now it has delivered its services across India with a team of 50+ employees and 200+ working labors. As it is properly stated, “Rome was not built in a day,” therefore on her 18+ year journey, she drew energy from her own beliefs, which included passion and drive for her job and the desire to achieve She is non another than Niharika Bastia MD of HEALTH & CARE ENTERPRISES.

Health and Care Enterprises Niharika Bastia

Feeling of purpose and fulfillment in my work
Supporting network of friends, family, and colleagues
Good work-life balance and self-care routines
Strong conviction in the company’s vision and objective
Positive outlook and attitude towards problems and hurdles

The key driving force to become always an entrepreneur at the risk of volatility of the market. She was a teacher by profession before becoming an entrepreneur. Her passion was instructing her students. She entered the actual world of entrepreneurship after marrying her life partner, Mr. Jitendra Bastia. He is the creator of HEALTH AND CARE ENTERPRISES, with its own registered brand Waterkraft. The beginning was not simple for her, but her husband has been her steady support to this day. He is the guy behind her, and she never feels the market’s volatility.

Water Kraft and Health & Care Enterprise

It refers to “any employment or activity that requires expertise. Her objective was to create not just a product firm, but also engineers with expertise waster treatment technology. That’s how Water + Kraft = Waterkraft was born. They are taking care of their health while also providing them with a better lifestyle. That is why they name themselves Health and Care Enterprises.

USP With a vision of becoming the most trusted brand in the industry and being recognized as an ethical company. It creates value for Business Partners, Customers, Employees, and Society. They are constantly focused on providing the most effective and quality base water treatment products with prompt after-sales services. They provide Water Purifiers and Water Treatment Products. Some of them are STPs, ETPs, WTPs, Deionized Systems, Homo Dialysis Systems, and Turnkey Base Packaged Drinking Water Projects. Their customers include Indian Railways, SAIL, Indian Oil, INS Chilika, MCL, CCL, the governments of Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Chhattisgarh, Power Grid, State Bank of India, OCL India Ltd., NTPC, NSPCL, Jindal Power & Steel, JSPL, JSW, and L&T, among others.

Waterkraft believes in continual learning and strives to understand the actual needs of its clients. As a result, technology, customisation, and rapid after-sales support have been their differentiators since the beginning.
Marketing strategies: There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to service marketing because it is dependent on aspects such as target demographic, type of service given, and competition. However, some frequent techniques employed by Team Waterkraft include:

Branding and positioning entail creating a strong brand identity and establishing the organisation as an industry leader.
Personalization entails providing services that are suited to the particular demands of individual clients.

Customer Experience – Improving the total customer experience, from first contact to post-service follow-up.
Digital Marketing – Using digital platforms like search engines, social media, and email to reach a larger audience and generate leads and sales.
Collaboration and Partnership – Establishing ties with comparable firms in order to reach new customers and boost brand recognition.

To stay ahead in a competitive market, every businessman must evaluate and measure the performance of each marketing approach and modify appropriately.


Women’s power in entrepreneurship

Recognition can be a great motivation for any entrepreneur since it not only recognises their hard work and achievements, but it also helps to build their profile and increase exposure in the business. This can open up new avenues for business development and success, such as finance, collaborations, and media exposure.

Furthermore, acknowledgment acted as a form of reinforcement and encouragement for her, reaffirming her confidence and ability while also assisting her in remaining focused and motivated on my goals. However, she feel that it is critical for entrepreneurs to seek internal sources of motivation, such as a love for their firm and a desire to make a positive influence in their field, because external recognition is not always assured. Finally, a healthy mix of internal and external drives may lead to long-term success and contentment in business.

Odisha as a hub of entrepreneurship In the future

They would like to see Odisha become a vibrant center for entrepreneurship. To accomplish this aim, various variables can assist support and develop entrepreneurship in the region, including:

Capital access

Providing entrepreneurs with financial and investment possibilities to help them establish and expand their firms.

Business incubators and accelerators

These organisations provide entrepreneurs with mentorship, tools, and networking opportunities to help them improve their talents and bring their ideas to the market.

Skilled workforce

Recruiting and keeping a competent and educated staff to help new enterprises develop.

Favorable rules and regulations

Put in place laws that support entrepreneurship and make it easier to establish and maintain a firm.
Collaboration and partnerships entail establishing links between government, academic, and private sector groups in order to promote entrepreneurship in the region. Odisha may become a vibrant center for entrepreneurship by addressing these and other concerns, drawing new enterprises and talent to the area, and contributing to its economic growth in the near future.



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