No Free Vaccine For Healthcare Workers Who Refuses To Take Covaxin


The Coronavirus vaccination is process is taking place across the country in a smooth manner but the healthcare workers are refusing to get the Covaxin.

As per the reports, the Government now has decided that the healthcare workers who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine- ‘Covaxin’ will not be getting the vaccine free of cost here from the government in the future basis.

Due to which the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has now introduced a self-declaration form. In the form, the one who is refusing to take the vaccine has to self-declared that –  “I do declare that I voluntarily refuse to take the government-supplied Covaxin after being aware of the available factsheet and accept the decision that I will not avail myself of any vaccine-related to COVID-19 free of cost from the government in future.”

Recently it was notified by the civic body and the nodal agency of the vaccination drive that many healthcare workers are not showing up to take the vaccine due to which the BMC has to introduce that form for a future basis.

Prem Chandra Chaudhury, the BMC Commissioner informed that among the healthcare workers the refusal of vaccination is 30 percent in Bhubaneswar. Now with the introduction of the form, the healthcare workers who refuse o take the free vaccine will have to sign the document where it mentioned his/her designation, mobile number, name of the organization, office address, etc.

But according to some healthcare workers their counterparts in Odisha are taking Covishield and they don’t want to risk their life by taking Covaxin which is still in the trial stage.

As per the official report a total of 19,000 doses have been given to healthcare workers here against the target of 28,000.

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