No Indian village features in 2022 UN list of best tourism villages: Parliamentary panel


Even though numerous nations have two villages on the list, the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s selection of the 32 finest tourist villages in 22 countries for 2022 did not include a single hamlet from India. Concerned about the situation, a high-level parliamentary subcommittee requested information on the number of Indian villages that the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) had considered for inclusion in its list of the finest tourist villages, as well as the effect that selection had on village tourism.

Khonoma in Nagaland has been chosen for the “Upgrade” programme, which will allow the village to receive the necessary support from the UNWTO to improve its conditions. This was noted in a report by the Rajya Sabha’s Standing Committee on transport, tourism, and culture titled “Development of Niche Tourism (including Spiritual Tourism), Theme-based Tourist Circuits, and Potential Tourist Spots,” which was presented during the recently concluded Special Session of Parliament. The committee also wanted to hear what steps were being made to advance Khonoma after it was added to the UNWTO’s list of upgraded nations.

The report also noted that rural tourism has enormous potential to increase employment and incomes for villagers in an economy that is largely agrarian and rural, such as India, while also providing opportunities for city dwellers to take a break from the fast-paced urban lifestyle and experience nature and local cultures at a much slower pace.

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