“No short cuts in his success mantra”


S Satpal Singh, Pal Hotels

There are quite a few things that differentiate Satpal Singh from his contemporaries – his transparent business practices, spectacular leadership skills, humanitarian activities, etc. That is why he is one of the leaders who transcend generations. Singh, the promoter of Pal Heights, has not only redefined the automobile and hospitality sectors in the state, but also has inspired the younger generation by showing that there is no substitute for hard work in this world.

The story begins five decades ago when Singh came to Bhubaneswar for the first time. At 19, he had a dream to establish his own business. His father, who had initially declined to help him, later supported Singh financially and encouraged him to achieve his goals.

After the success of his construction and automobile business, Singh never stopped striving for innovation and creativity. Following in his father’s footsteps, Singh’s son soon joined the business to support him. They introduced Tata Motors, the biggest automobile manufacturer in India to Odisha.

The Tata Motors vehicles at the time were so popular with the people that the company went on to sell many thousands of the cars every year. Due to this, Singh and his son turned the company into an enviable success, developing new factories and reconditioning plants.

Moreover, Singh delved into hospitality and, as they say, the rest is history. In 2006, he opened up a four-star hotel and a shopping mall, named Hotel Pal Heights and located in Jayadev Vihar. Singh then went on to open the only 4 Star hotel on the Bhubaneswar-Cuttack highway (near Pahal) referred to as Hotel Pal Heights Mantra in July 2017 and within a few months, the hotel became synonymous with qualitative hospitality and impeccable service.

The hotel business was hit hard by the pandemic, Singh says, “But by God’s grace, our car business has done quite well during these trying times. We aren’t too worried. Rather, we have cautiously embraced the new normal.”

The illustrious hotelier contemplates tapping into the local hospitality market due to the fact that the pandemic situation will recede before he can start his plans for construction. Additionally, another Tata motors showroom will open near Tomando soon.

A philanthropist at heart, Singh always tried to give back to society, working tirelessly to aid the poor and less privileged all across the country. Serving humanity is service to God, hence it is everyone’s duty to help the less privileged section of the society. From providing free education to underprivileged children to initiating the ‘Annadaan’ program, Singh believes service to mankind is service to God. Singh has been recognized for his selfless contribution to philanthropy by several prestigious forums.

“There is absolutely no shortcut to success,” says the septuagenarian Singh. “You have to discover your values, your motivations, your passions. Do everything you do with absolute honesty and dedication. Nobody can stop you from doing this.”


By Subhojit Panda

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