Noida authorities to educate and feed kids to ensure no beggars


When we walk by children on the street asking for food or money, we frequently feel terrible for them because of their plight and for a few period of time, a lot of thoughts about those children’s situations start to enter our minds. The Noida government is currently taking action to better the lives of disadvantaged and impoverished kids while also tackling the problem of kids being compelled to beg. The administration intends to work with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to give these kids with food and education, according to officials who spoke on Saturday.

In a recent meeting, government representatives requested that the NGOs assess the entire city, including bus stops, slums, signals, and other spots.They claimed the project’s objective was to discover underprivileged kids and persuade organisations to get involved.

The CEO of the Noida authority, Lokesh M, claimed that staff have been instructed to compile data and provide an extensive report on the number of homeless kids beggin or working in public locations. The initiative’s further moves will be guided by this data.”Our strategy entails giving children from working-class and impoverished families access to education, food, and other facilities. We are cooperating with NGOs to make this a reality. With these NGOs and other departments, we most recently scheduled a meeting.

In addition to this, directions for stern action against individuals who coerce children into beggining have been provided at this meeting, along with administrative cooperation.
Another meeting with the Noida Authority’s police department, basic education officer, and NGO will be held the following week, it has also been decided.


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