NuaGoa Nature retreat: Where Nature Meets Social Bliss

Avoiding the competitive fray with star-studded hotels, NuaGoa focused on offering an unparalleled communion with nature.


Travellers are invited to go on a journey that will soothe their souls at NuaGoa nature retreat, which is tucked away along the charming Tangi-Kapilash Road. Cradled in the lush embrace of lush  Greenfield Estate Village, this haven of peace and rustic appeal is located in Nuapada, PO – Sapha ,Tangi – Kapilas Road, Badakusunpur, Odisha. More than just a haven, NuaGoa is a carefully planned series of activities designed to delight the senses and uplift the spirit. Before you is a quiet stretch of foliage, calling you to enjoy everything it has to offer. The sound of chirping, different shades of green and rustling leaves combine to create a work of art that speaks to the soul.


Upon entering this retreat, visitors are greeted with a rich tapestry of offerings that have been carefully designed to satisfy the most demanding visitor. Everything about this place is a tribute to peaceful relaxation, from the ability to throw lines into calm waters for fishing to enjoying leisurely fun boat trips.


However, the metamorphosis from a rustic farmhouse to a coveted nature retreated sanctuary was an organically evolved commercial venture. It emerged from a simple observation during festive seasons in Odisha when the quintessential picnic, with its arduous preparations, notably the Mutton Curry Rice ritual, captivated the local spirit. Observing the sheer effort invested in orchestrating these joyous outings,   Mr.  Sasmal envisioned a novel concept. He sought to distill the essence of conviviality without the hassles—where friends could revel in blissful camaraderie without the logistical intricacies. Thus, in August 2019, NuaGoa was born, swiftly gaining traction due to its distinctive promise to a serene haven devoid of commercial trappings, a lush expanse promoting nature’s embrace.


Avoiding the competitive fray with star-studded hotels, NuaGoa focused on offering an unparalleled communion with nature. Embracing unconventional joys like fishing, swimming, boating, music and karaoke, desi games, a cricket field, and idyllic greenery, it became a magnet for kindred spirits seeking solace in the lap of natural splendor. Gradually, the demand expanded beyond leisure to include corporate events and conferences. The addition of a professional conference hall accommodating up to 100 people marked a strategic evolution, bridging the gap between corporate professionalism and bucolic charm.


In a conscious decision to preserve the sanctity of family and corporate sanctums, NuaGoa abstained from serving alcoholic beverages openly, yet graciously allowed guests to bring their beverages for in-house consumption. This principle resonated, fostering a culture where guest experience trumped commercial pursuits, reflected in their remarkable online presence shaped by guest-generated content and endorsements on platforms like Google  , YouTube and Facebook . Beyond its business success, NuaGoa has become a beacon of economic sustenance for more than 30 local families, providing livelihoods and fostering community prosperity in this remote expanse. In essence, NuaGoa’s narrative epitomizes a retreat that transcends mere hospitality—it embodies an ethos of symbiosis with nature, a testament to thoughtful evolution rooted in guest satisfaction and community enrichment.



Within the serene embrace of NuaGoa Nature retreated comes the story of a visionary, a man known as Chandra Kishore Sasmal who was a guardian of organic progress and a builder of calm. His path goes above and beyond the typical entrepreneur creating a tapestry of determination, fortitude, and an unyielding dedication to leaving a legacy that extends well beyond his own life. After a career firmly entrenched in IT and technical innovation,  Mr. Sasmal venture into raising NuaGoa was coincidental. Equipped with an MBA from XIMB and a degree from Ravenshaw college , he went on to achieve great success in his career, rising to the position of a senior vice president and  head of global business excellence  function  in multinational companies.



In the maze-like passageways of IT and ITES, amidst the cacophony of bits and bytes, sits the maestro, MR Chandra Kishore Sasmal. With 27 years of seasoned skill, he virtuously orchestrates innovation, performance, and profitability. His story moves over the digital horizon, exploring areas of operational brilliance and performance development. The pioneer has worn numerous hats over his employment, which is enhanced by his 14+ years at Concentrix Corporation (previously Aditya Birla Minacs). He has led the charge in automation, analytics, workforce management, and business intelligence.


NuaGoa was born from a confluence of friendship, a sanctuary of leisure, crafted from a humble farmhouse nurtured by Mr.  Sasmal  mother, Dr. Anupama Sasmal. Their shared legacy, adorned with coconut trees and natural treasures, morphed into a haven where nature’s embrace met conviviality. “What after you?”—a question that resonates deeply.   Mr.  Sasmal answer lies in the essence of family, not merely by blood but by shared purpose and dedication of his team members. NuaGoa wasn’t just an enterprise; it was a legacy bound by familial ties—a haven meticulously sculpted for those who embraced its tranquility.


Furthermore, Nuagoa aims to introduce ‘Nuagoa Light’—a refreshing day experience akin to the clean beach shacks of Goa at multiple locations in odisha , but without the typical revelry. This innovative concept promises a safe and serene beach experience, embracing safety protocols while maintaining the brand’s renowned service quality. The focus remains on offering delightful seafood and other amenities, strategically light on investment to adapt to Odisha’s fluctuating tourism trends.


Leveraging    Mr.  Sasmal vast expertise, NuaGoa has embarks on a transformative venture—an outbound learning facility catering to corporate leadership development programs. This in collaboration with well knows experiential learning companies intend to position NuaGoa as an ideal venue for corporate training and outbound learning initiatives.


Moreover, anticipating the demand for exclusive celebrations, NuaGoa envisions tailored anniversary and birthday packages, ensuring unforgettable memories for guests celebrating their special occasions. This shift towards personalized experiences aims to make NuaGoa a sought-after destination for distinctive celebrations. Lastly, in a quest to revolutionize Odisha’s summer experience, innovative ideas surface—creating an artificial winter setting using mist technology. This visionary concept seeks to counter the summer heat, personalize offering guests a refreshing respite and establishing NuaGoa as a year-round haven for unique experiences.


In essence, NuaGoa’s evolution encapsulates diversification, strategic innovation, and personalized offerings. From culinary autonomy to corporate training, from exclusive celebrations to year-round comfort, the resort’s transformation mirrors Mr.  Sasmal  commitment to redefining hospitality paradigms.

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