Nutrition Disaster Management by Dr. Umesh Wadhavani




Have a look at this beautiful photo.  I am sure it looks tempting right ? Who doesn’t want to savour good food and have a blast in their lives. As Indian’s say the way to every Indian’s heart is through their stomach!

Festivities are around the corner and eating tasty treats and having junk food is definitely something we are so habituated with. “Nutrition Disaster” is basically a term coined by Dr. Umesh  used to describe the times we completely ignore our nutrition requirements and get drawn towards the bait of eating junk food.


He gave an beautiful example to describe the situation. If we face any disaster and no apt measures are taken to fix it , it creats a havoc after a time. Human body is no different . Whenever we think of attending a festival , wedding ,or a party we subconsiously take it as a cheat day. Overeating leads to several consiquences like heart burn ,blotting and indigestion issues.

If we talk about food in festivals they are rich in carbohydrates and fats and salt. Let us talk about the reasons of immediate blotting. One gram of carbohydrate will hold approx 4 ml of water in our body ,so thats the reason one feels blotted immediately. One of the main ways to curb the carbohydrate intake is mixing your food with protein rich food.  This can reduce the food intake. Adding salad and salt with food with help to add potassium in the meal to reduce the craving and control your food portion.

Fasting for the next 16 hours is also a good way to manage the disaster and the overeating one has done a day before.He told about a conecpt ” Intermittent fasting ” in which a person fasts for a 12 to 16 hour window and consumes food in the 8 hour window. For indigestion related issues , Turmeric , pudina etc works really well.

He summed up on how alchohol is really harmful and ways we can avoid the intake. The points like hydration were also laid stress on .


Session Contents 

Dr. Umesh Wadhavani and  Chaitanya Haldankar has also started a new initiative “Studsy”. We have often cribbed about problems that we were always aloof of certain topics like Nutrition , Mental Health , Financial Management and Sex Education. These topics were always given less importance as a result of which we are still oblivion. “Studsy” is a plan through which people can learn all these basics sitting in the comfort of their homes. Dr.Umesh Wadhavani can be contacted on instagram id dr.umesh.wadhavani.

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