Odisha All Set For Covid-19 Vaccine Dry Run On Jan 2


World deadliest Coronavirus vaccine dry run program will be conducted on 2nd January, and all the necessary arrangements have been taken place for the program to be held in Odisha.

Professor CBK Mohanty, Directorate of Medical Education & Training (DMET) Director, Prof CBK Mohanty stated that the COVID-19 vaccine dry run is a part of the national exercise to have the entire infrastructure in place. This will help the program to be conducted without any hurdles ahead of the mass vaccination drive.

The entire state is waiting for the vaccination process to start as soon as possible. At the first phase of the vaccination process, about 3.70 lakh beneficiaries were mostly doctors, and other healthcare workers have enrolled. The Central Government had also asked all States and UTs to ensure sufficient preparation for the vaccine rollout.

The Dry run for the COVID-19 vaccine’s main motive is to obtain operational expediency in using Co-WIN application in the field environment, test the linkages between planning and implementation, and identify the challenges guideway forward before actual implementation.

This program will also give confidence and faith to all program managers at various levels. The States/UTs have also been asked to ensure all proposed sites’ physical verification for the adequacy of space, logistical arrangement, internet connectivity, electricity, safety, and other essential measures.

The States are asked to prepare at least three model session sites in each state capital for the demonstration. And even to ensure that the model sites have all separate entry and exit in a three-room set up with a proper space outside for the awareness generation activities.

The health minister informed that around 96000 vaccinators had been trained for the program and that 2360 participants have been trained in National Training of Trainer and that 57000 participants are trained in District level training in 719 districts.

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