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ODISHA Girl Gleam as The Youngest Author To Write Ramayana

ODISHA Girl Gleam as The Youngest Author To Write Ramayana
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Again Odisha girl shows their empowerment and gleam across the world. An eight-year-old girl from Odisha became the youngest author to write Ramayana and made her name into the ‘India Book of Records.’

Ishita Achary from Berhampur, Ganjam studying in class three, has written a summary of the world-famous epic Ramayana in the English language in 57 pages within 22 days.

Ishita is recently staying in Chennai with her parents and studies in Class-III in NSN Memorial School, Chennai.

Such a young age, she wrote an excellent summary of the Ramayana in the English language and made ODISHA proud and shows her skill all over the world.

Ishita’s family says that in May, after watching the retelecast of Ramanand Sagar’s iconic TV serial Ramayana during COVID-19 lockdown, she started writing the book.

From the little girl Ishita’s voice, “I used to watch the retelecast of Ramayana daily and write stories. My parents and family have always supported me. I am happy that I have found a place in ‘India Book of Records’ as the youngest to write Ramayana.”

The curiosity towards Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other mythological stories helped her to achieve this feat said this father Sanjeet Achary and also said that his family is more proud of her skill and achievement.

Ishita has been writing short stories since a very young age and used to watch Ramayana’s telecast during the lockdown and share stories with her family, said her mother, Rasmita.

After Ishita watching the Ramayana, she decided to write the summary so that people can easily understand. Then she started writing and completed it on 22 days.

Her writing skill was such an amazing and outstanding delivery of words, and anyone can read and understand it very quickly.

Basil’s seedling spreads it’s aroma right from the first two leaves! Now she became the youngest author to write Ramayana and spread her skill around the globe.   


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