Odisha govt selling tribal lands to companies in name of industrialization- Claims Opposition

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

According to the Opposition Congress and BJP, the Naveen Patnaik-led BJD administration is grabbing tribal lands and then passing them over to corporate corporations in the guise of industrialisation.

According to reports, delegations from both parties met with Governor Professor Ganeshi Lal and delivered memorandums in this regard.
The parties claimed that the state government is transferring land to private firms without holding public hearings, which is a breach of state law.

The Opposition claims that the property previously provided to Bhushan Steel Plant in the Sundargarh area has now been transferred to Vedant. The opposition also attracted the Governor’s attention to several tribal concerns.

“The Odisha government has been illegally occupying lands of tribals in the name of industrialisation and handing it over to companies. Now, they are making three coal mines at Jhamkani panchayat of Sundargarh district. Earlier, they had given it to Bhushan, but no work was carried out. Now they are illegally handing it over to Vedant through IDCO,” alleged Kusum Tete, BJP MLA.

“We approached the Governor for justice. If no steps are taken in this regard, we will hit the streets,” said Congress MLA CS Rajan Ekka.
However, the ruling BJD refuted the allegations.

“They (the Opposition) only know this politics of divide and rule. They are creating nuisance in Delhi. They are doing the same here too. They have a different stand in Delhi and a different stand here. Everyone knows their reality. So, no one believes them,” said Rajkishore Das, BJD MLA.


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