Odisha is hit by a cold wave as the homeless battle to stay warm under the open sky

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The defenceless and homeless people in Balasore district are suffering the most during the cold wave that is sweeping portions of Odisha by spending the nights outside without a roof over their heads. People with sufficient funds can purchase the clothing they need to shield themselves from the bitter cold. The frightened and helpless folks from the very low-income group are falling victim to the freezing cold while they are also having fun by visiting to various picnic locations. They are having a difficult time staying warm during the harsh winter nights since they lack enough clothing and a roof over their heads.

A number of destitute people in Balasore who are turning to beg are nearly spending restless nights on pavements while battling the bitter cold at night. The worst victims during this winter are elderly persons, both male and female, as well as children from low-income households and those who live on the streets.Even though the government has given the beggars shelter options, many are afraid to sleep there at night.A social worker claims that because the shelters are so desolate and they perceive real danger there, the beggars are afraid to spend the night there.In the meantime, Odisha’s cold wave has rendered daily life impossible. There will soon be days when the cold wave will be more biting. Poor people will undoubtedly experience increased distress as a result.

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