Odisha Plans To Expand Spices Mission To 2.5 Lakh Hectares By 2025-26


India’s long history as a significant producer of spices may be primarily attributable to its varied climatic features, which offer the perfect setting for growing a variety of spice crops. The flourishing development of turmeric in India’s tropical areas, which are known for their heavy rainfall, serves as one example. On the other hand, colder and drier subtropical regions are ideal for growing spices like cumin.

This history places a great deal of importance on turmeric, especially in the Odisha district of Kandhamal. On April 1st, 2019 (Utkal Dibas), Kandhamal Turmeric received a GI (Geographical Indication) tag identifying it as “KandhamalHaladi” and improving its brand value by underlining its distinctive characteristics.

The State sector program “Development of Potato, Vegetable, and Spices” is being implemented by the Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Empowerment (DA&FE) to attain self-sufficiency in the production and selling of spices. One such endeavor is the Spices Mission. With the goal of increasing the crop area to encompass 2.5 lakh hectares, the Mission will still be active in the State through 2025–2026. As of right now, the Department wants to cover a range of spice crops, including seed spices covering more than 1000 hectares.

The Department had set a goal to grow Kharif onions on 2070 hectares, chillies on 11,000 hectares, and coriander on 4875 hectares by 1927 as part of the Spices Mission.8 hectares of turmeric and 650 hectares of ginger were planted this year around the State. A remarkable amount of progress has been accomplished, with the successful cultivation of 50 hectares of ginger, 4875 hectares of coriander, 1880 hectares of turmeric, 2070 hectares of Kharif onions, and 11,000 hectares of chillies. The Mission’s success is credited to DA&FE’s efforts to offer farmers certified seed products at discounted prices.

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