Odisha village teenagers set an example by gathering money for an accident victim’s medical care


People are so self-centered in our world of eating and being eaten that they never accomplish anything without getting something in return. However, there is still a very small portion of humans on Earth; otherwise, the human race would not have survived. There are still people in the world today who lend a helping hand to others without any personal gain. Youths from Balasore have demonstrated it. Youths from Chakapada village in Balasore district’s Khaira block have turned to beggaring to generate money for an accident victim’s medical bills.

The accident victim, who is currently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Bhubaneswar, has received assistance from the local youths because he comes from a low-income family. They may be seen going door to door collecting cash and grains for the cause.On December 25, Santosh Kumar Barik, a daily wage worker in the village, was coming home when he was involved in a traffic accident. He was struck from behind by an unidentified car that then sped away.

He was saved by locals and taken to the Khaira hospital. Later, he was transferred to the SCB Medical College and Hospital by the Bhadrak District Headquarters Hospital. Santosh was once more transferred to a private hospital in the state capital after SCB doctors allegedly failed to provide the necessary care for him, according to reports.
Santosh, who was involved in the accident and lost an eye, is currently fighting for his life, but his family is unable to secure funding for him. In this situation, several young people from the area have stepped forward to give him new life.

The victim’s relative, Pramila Barik, stated, “He is receiving treatment in a hospital in Bhubaneswar. Due to his grave state, doctors have made it obvious that a significant sum of money is needed for the therapy. His family’s financial situation makes it impossible for them to pay for his medical bills. If everyone pitches in, Santosh will return home when he is fully recovered. Santosh’s father is ill, according to Kanhu Charan Barik, another relative. His mother is a person with a disability. Village youths are doing an excellent job of considering his financial situation. Each home is giving them money and grains. They are selling rice in the market and transferring the proceeds to Santosh’s wife in Bhubaneswar, where she is taking care of her sick husband. (Picture source : OTV)

By Bidisha Mohanty

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