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Odisha Vs COVID19 Outbreak

Odisha Vs Coronavirus

Odisha is not only facing socio-economic problems but also rise in covid19 issues in this pandemic alerts as well. The present state government authorities have rolled up their sleeves to give a tough vengeance against this outbreak. Stringent initiatives and necessary action are being taken to fight with this pandemic issue to its best.

The Additional Chief Secretary of health department cleared some of the queries of media and common folk as being questioned about why there’s been a massive surge in covid19 cases. He informed that the fast, as well as a steady rise in covid19 cases, is hailing as there is house to house surveys been taking place. The government is chasing virus just because to isolate and test symptomatic persons.

The Additional Chief secretary of health Pradipta Mohapatra further informed that their stand is clear and pledge to serve the folk and ensure that not only a single case goes undetected.

Even Odisha is amongst the highest recovery rate states in the country.The covid19 fatality rate being 0.54 percent as compared to the national average of 2.5.

Odisha will soon start RT-PCR tests in 6 new places soon and there is a required amount of stock for drugs like Remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine and over 3 lakh antigen kits available in Odisha .This is what Mr. Mohapatra said.

Anticipating any further situations being worsened the advanced planning is made for next 2 months.Even the district collectors are also notified to build a 6 month vision plan till 20th of  December.

Mr.Pradipta Mohapatra further added that there is 37.27 per cent of occupancy of beds in all the covid19 hospitals and other centres in the state. He further added that there are 70 per cent asymptomatic cases and recommended them to stay at home isolation.

Presently the capital city Bhubaneswar conceded almost 103 asymptomatic cases and are in home isolation.

A new thing that came out is that plasma therapy is working a bit efficient than other alternatives as the government monitored its success rate. Soon there will be plasma centres in MKCG hospital Berhampur and Capital hospital in Bhubaneswar.

So lets come together with fingers crossed and utterly await an escape to this dreadful pandemic situation.

By Prabhudarshan Samal                                                                            

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