Odissi Dance – The Culture of Odisha


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The Odissi Dance is said to have emerged from the Hindu Temples of Odisha. It is a beautiful performing art where the musicians play out a spiritual story or a devotional message. The saree owned by Odissi Dancers are brightly coloured and are usually of local silk. These sarees are also known as Pattasari. The attire of Odissi dance is very colourful and for the movement to be unrestricted for the dancers the pleats are stitched in the front to make maximum footwork visible. The dancers’ forehead is marked by a “Tikka” and an “Allaka” commonly known as the headband is present where the tikka hangs. Odissi dance requires proper training and the dancers undergo this training from their respective gurus. This dance form has several mudras and before every dance “ Bhoomi Pranam “ is like a ritual that’s done where the dancers touch the ground and pay respect to it as they are setting their foot on the ground and dancing. When we interviewed an eminent Odissi Dancer  Anisha Sinha.


Anisha said that Odissi is all about knowing herself better with each passing day. It is her way of connecting with the Almighty. Odissi is intricately a part of her life and her world and is something she can not live without.

By Subhechcha Ganguly

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