Official Telegram channel of The Orissa High Court launched


The Orissa High Court launches its official telegram channel on Thursday and It has been chosen to commence the data sharing on the Telegram channel with impact from 19th July onwards.

The High Court has propelled the telegram channel to ensure convenience and easily accessible data for the advocates and litigant individuals of the public in getting to court-related information. It points to provide advocates, litigants, and individuals of the public at expansive with genuine-time and immediate access to data with respect to the High Court’s occasions, circulars, notices, press releases, cause-lists, etc.

Subscribers of the channel can remain overhauled on the previously mentioned categories of data without having to regularly visit the court’s site or amid times when the services of the site are blocked off for any reason. This might increase the court’s endeavors towards making official data available online through the consolation of personal devices almost as soon as such data is published.

Link for joining the channel: High Court.

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