Oldest Lord Vishnu Idol Recovered In Bhubaneswar


The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) discovered an idol of Lord Vishnu while unearthing the ruins of another ancient temple buried in the premises of Suka Sari temple in the Old Town area, Bhubaneswar. This idol is said to be the oldest in Odisha.

According to the reports, the ASI team stumbled upon the ruins of the ancient temple towards the northeast flanks of the Suka Sari shrine. The ancient structure was found during the excavation of another shrine. The structure is believed to be of the 7th century. The experts assume that the temple was constructed much before the Suka Sari temple and Lord Lingaraj temple which is the biggest and most prominent monument in the area.

The recently unearthed temple has been constructed in the style of the Parashurameshwar temple which is around half a kilometre away from the site. The Parashurameshwar temple was built during the period of the Sailodbhaba dynasty which ruled many parts of eastern India during the 6-8th century with its capital situated at modern Banapur.

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