Online Courses – A saviour during the Lockdown

by Subhechcha Ganguly



Since the lockdown has commenced, there have been several disruptions in various fields. Education is primarily one of the most important fields that have seen a lot of disruptions. Schools  and universities have remained close for the longest time now. Moreover classes that were a sense of relief and several hobby classes like Painting , Dance etc also have stopped . However online classes have become a saviour now . This is because several classes starting from Academics and even classes like Yoga , Dance have started online.

These classes have not only helped people to carry on with their career but also learn a lot new things sitting at home . Online courses have been very beneficial specially for the job seekers and also for the college goers. This is because the job seekers and the college goers have learnt a lot many courses online . Some of the courses are Digital Marketing , Coding and Programming which would actually help them build and enhance their careers. The online courses are curated by experienced professionals in respective fields . The courses come on  a result oriented basis and maximum benefit could be derived provided with just consistency and patience.


If we talk about why these courses are convenient there are several reasons behind it . Primarily these courses are convenient as they can be learnt from the comfort of the home . Thus when covid cases are increasing or is at its peak, people can stay safely at their respective homes and can keep on learning . One of the major factors is also their cost effectiveness. So these courses are very cost effective and result oriented so even if you think the certificates of online courses wont provide you much of a value the skills would definitely enhance and secure your future.

Subhechcha Ganguly

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