Online Medical Certificate Mandatory For Renewal Of DL From Jan 26

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

As per the provision of CMVR, 1989, a medical certificate in Form 1A is mandatory for the applicant more than 40 years and applying for new LLR or renewal of Driving License (DL) . It is also required for all applicants applying for any new transport DL. At present the applicants are obtaining a manual doctor certificate in a paper format and uploading in the SARATHI portal at the time of online application. In this process the correctness of the medical certificate cannot be ascertained and fake doctor certificates are also uploaded.

In order to make it more transparent and to ensure proper medical test by genuine doctors (MBBS degree holder with registration under MCI), STA Odisha has developed a new online doctor registration portal where about 167 MBBS doctors having MCI registration have registered in the portal. They will issue medical certificate to DL & LL applicant through online SARATHI portal and no uploading of form 1A would be required. The details of such doctors are available on web portal of SARATHI.

Starting January 26, online issuance of medical certificate will be mandatory for DL & LL applicant of age more than 40 years.

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