Patent infringement allegations against Xiaomi: Phillips moves Delhi High Court


Chinese mobile phone company Xiaomi is in high demand in the Indian market. MI phones are on sale. At low prices and advanced features, it is attracting customers. But Xiaomi has been accused of stealing patents from Phillips. Phillips appeared to be at the door of the Delhi High Court alleging theft of the patent. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to the company

According to reports, Xiaomi stole a patent related to Philips’ UMTS8 Enhancement. Phillips, however, has demanded a ban on imports of all such Xiaomi smartphones. A filing in court alleges that all patent infringing smartphones should be banned from being made, assembled, exported, and sold online through third parties.

If Xiaomi uses Universal Mobile4 Telecommunication Services or UTMS Enhancement and LTE technology in any of its handsets in the future, the company will go to court again, according to Phillips. Xiaomi smartphones could be banned from importing.

Image Source : Google

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