Pioneering Last Mile Mobility with Cutting-Edge Electric Vehicles:Mrs Suman Mishra

By Charan Singh


In the fast-evolving automotive industry, Last Mile Mobility (LMM) plays a crucial role in providing efficient and sustainable transportation solutions. At the forefront of this dynamic sector is Ms. Suman Mishra, the trailblazing woman CEO leading the charge at Mahindra’s Last Mile Mobility division. Under her visionary leadership, LMM has become a driving force in electric vehicle (EV) innovation and promoting sustainable mobility in India and beyond.

The Last Mile Mobility (LMM) division of Mahindra & Mahindra is renowned for its wide range of electric, petrol, CNG, and diesel last mile mobility 3- and 4-wheelers, catering to both passenger and cargo needs. Some of their popular offerings include the Mahindra Jeeto 4-wheeler, Alfa 3-wheelers, and the electric-only Zor Grand and Treo range. As India’s No.1 electric 3-wheeler maker, LMM has successfully sold over 1 lakh EVs, transforming the last mile transportation landscape.

Central to LMM’s success is the incorporation of cutting-edge technology and innovation in their electric vehicles. With a team of 250+ R&D personnel dedicated to research and development, LMM focuses on bringing the latest technology-laced, customer-centric electric 3-wheelers to the market. These vehicles boast the same reliability, ruggedness, and advanced features that Mahindra vehicles are renowned for. The NEMO platform and NEMO Driver App have been instrumental in enhancing fleet organisation, route planning, and customer convenience.

Ms. Suman Mishra’s commitment to sustainability and promoting electric mobility is in sync with Mahindra & Mahindra’s goal to go carbon neutral by 2040. By reducing fossil fuel consumption in the last mile transportation sector by 65%, LMM has contributed to saving more than 90,000 metric tonnes of CO₂ emissions, the equivalent of planting 50 lakh trees. Additionally, the company has made significant strides in adopting innovative and sustainable practices at its manufacturing plants, leading to substantial reductions in energy and water consumption.

Despite the remarkable success, Last Mile Mobility faces its share of challenges in the electric 3-wheeler market. One significant hurdle is the upfront cost of EVs, which Ms. Suman Mishra addresses by emphasising the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefits. LMM actively collaborates with financing firms to provide easy and tailored finance options for customers, as well as to expand the charging infrastructure.

Promoting diversity and inclusion within Last Mile Mobility and the broader Mahindra Group is a core value for Ms. Suman Mishra. Encouraging gender diversity in leadership roles brings diverse perspectives, enhanced collaboration, and unique insights into the consumer base. The company employs several initiatives to support women employees like cab facilities, remote working options for expectant mothers, and creche facilities.

As a successful leader, Ms. Suman Mishra offers valuable advice to aspiring young women looking to pursue leadership roles in similar industries. She urges them not to self-select themselves out of opportunities, believe in their capabilities, and build a strong network of mentors and allies to support their journey.

Balancing professional responsibilities with personal life is an ongoing challenge for leaders, but Ms. Suman Mishra prioritises and declutters tasks while dedicating time to personal care and rejuvenation. Her leadership style is described as purposeful, fair, and constantly striving for improvement. Grounded in Mahindra Last Mile Mobility’s customer-centric purpose, she sets clear visions and priorities, fosters a unified team, and maintains a culture of fairness and continuous self-improvement.

Under the guidance of Ms. Suman Mishra, Mahindra Last Mile Mobility continues to break barriers in the automotive industry, driving sustainable and innovative solutions for the last mile transportation needs of the future. With her unwavering commitment to promoting electric mobility and diversity, Ms. Suman Mishra remains an inspiration for aspiring leaders and a driving force behind Mahindra Last Mile Mobility’s success.

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