PM Applauds Rourkela Girl For Odisha’s Pattachitra Art In His ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Programme


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ acclaimed an engineering student who is an artist from Odisha for her efforts to promote Pattachitra Art.

Bhagyashree Sahoo, an engineering student, turned as an artist working on the most famous Odisha- Pattachitra Art craft. She is pursuing her MTech in Metallurgy Engineering from a college in Dhenkanal and prepares to start her art studio or a start-up.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised her craft and Art of Pattachitra. She excavated many Pattachitra Art during the national lockdown due to the outburst of Coronavirus. During the lockdown, she realises that she has an immense passion for Pattchitra art.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking about the handicraft artisans and Incredible India in the ‘Mann Ki Batt’ programme, he stated that besides the government’s people are also making our art forms popular employing novel methods in India. Artists worldwide show their creativity through the form of art and showcasing some amazing crafts.

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He then informed the people about the works of Bhagyashree who is from Rourkela, Odisha stating- “Although she is a student of engineering, in the past few months, she started learning the Art of Pattchitra and has mastered it. But, did you know where she began painting – Soft Stones, on Soft Stones. On her way to college, Bhagyashree found these Soft Stones, she collected and cleaned them. Later, she painted these stones in Pattachitra style for two hours every day. After painting these stones, she started gifting them to her friends.”

He further said about Bhagyashree’s artwork – “During the lockdown, she started painting on bottles too. And now, she even conducts workshops on this art form. Even a few days ago, on the birth anniversary of Subhash Babu, Bhagyashree paid him a unique tribute done on stone.”

Pic Courtesy – Google

PM Modi also wished her all the best for her future accomplishments and stated that her work inspired the youth, and a lot can be learned and done through Art and colours.

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