PM Modi to dedicate the newly developed Kashi Vishwanath Dham to people on ‘Somvar’ (Monday)


On December 13 Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate the newly developed Kashi Vishwanath Dham to the people — a ‘Somvar’ (Monday) and considered as the favorite day of Lord Shiva. However, it’s the choice of destiny and not a coincidence that Hindus worship Lord Shiva on Mondays in the belief that paying obeisance to the presiding deity of Kashi will rid them of all troubles.

Prof Nagendra Pandey, newly nominated chairman of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust and a noted Sanskrit scholar, and astrologer said “Monday is believed to be the most auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva. It is a belief of our ancestors that if one worships Lord Shiva on Mondays, his dreams (Manokamna) get fulfilled,”

He further said that though people can pray to their favorite deity on any other day, Monday is devoted to Lord Shiva. “Monday, in Hindi, is called Somvar, the day of the moon. Since Lord Shiva adorns the moon on his head, Monday, the day governed by the moon, has great importance, particularly for offering prayers to Lord Shiva,” said Prof Pandey, who has become the new chairman of the KVTT just ahead of the inauguration of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Dham.

Besides, the five-member KVTT Board was also formed with the nomination of Prof Chandramauli Upadhyaya, Pt Prasad Dixit, Prof Brijbhushan Ojha, Pt Deepak Malviya, and K Ventak Raman Ghanpathi.

“In our religion, every deity has a favorite day. Lord Shiva is pleased with the prayers offered on Monday, as he likes the moon,” said Prof Chandramauli Upadhyaya.

According to a legend associated with the moon and Lord Shiva, King Daksha, the father-in-law of Chandrama (moon god), cursed him for not doing justice to his daughters. Chandrama married all the 27 adopted daughters of King Daksha but was given more attention to Rohini, which enraged her sisters.

Due to Daksha’s curse, Chandrama gradually started losing his glow and started shrinking in size. Fearing that he would cease to exist, he rushed to Lord Brahma for help, who suggested that he worship Lord Shiva. Chandrama offered prayers to Lord Shiva until the latter was pleased by his devotion. But since the curse of Daksha had already shown its effects. Lord Shiva couldn’t revoke it entirely but blessed Chandrama with the powers to retain his form gradually again.

Hence, the full moon appears approximately once in 15 days after growing in size on Purnima and then slowly shrinks until it disappears on Amavasya. Since Lord Shiva saved Chandrama from losing his form, he is also known as Somnath. Therefore, it is believed that those who worship Lord Shiva on Mondays, can rid themselves of all their troubles.

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